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LACAS Olympiad emerges as this institution's first ever Sports Olympiad, a platform through which we aim to keep the spirit of competitive sports alive within the youth of our country and create an environment that nurtures talent and encourages growth. 

With a total of 18 categories testing a myriad of skills, each one specifically designed to push delegates to their limits, LACAS Olympiad promises a space to gifted athletes to showcase their skills. Our team has worked day and night to ensure a holistic approach to test one’s athletic prowess, while simultaneously testing one’s ability as a team player. LACAS Olympiad represents the values of true sportsmanship at its best: fairness, team coordination, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance, respect and healthy competition.

And while competition is good, we also recognize our social responsibility and have chosen to make this a “green event,” therefore recycling all waste collected. Thus, this Olympiad is not just beneficial to the participants, but also to our environment as a whole.

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