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Executive Council

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Izma Sohail

Event Head

Presenting to you the face of this event, our Sports Society President and the reason the mere wish of having an Olympiad has become a reality: Izma Sohail. Our Event Head is ecstatic to be the driving force behind LACAS A-Level's first sports event, and understandably so. A veteran sports woman herself, she has copped a multitude of medals and various achievements throughout different events. Not to mention, she is a huge marvel-geek as well, so best not to bring up the old 'DC vs Marvel' debate, that is if you want to win anything at the event. Speaking of debates, not only does she excel in athletics, she is a seasoned speaker as well and has participated and chaired various MUNs. However, don't make the mistake of being intimidated by her achievements—trust us, you don't want to miss out on a conversation that may potentially be the funniest one

you've ever had—if you’re ever feeling down on the date of the event, don’t hesitate to reach out to her for some energy and motivation. As some of her friends like to put it: "Her jokes occasionally fail to land but she doesn’t.” 


And we can fully testify to that statement as managing the Sports Society, handling A'2 subjects and hosting a major Olympiad isn’t an easy feat, and we’re in awe of how she has managed everything so smoothly.

Rashmil Tufail

Director General

If you come across someone passionately ranting about how club football is inherently capitalist, you have without a doubt come across our other Director General, Rashmil Tufail. With his genuine interest in all-things-sports, he is undeniably the perfect person to be a vital part of the Olympiad.

An epitome of the term all-rounder, from winning every MUN and Science Olympiad he has ever partook in to becoming the Head Boy, there's nothing Rashmil hasn't done. Apart from being extremely gifted when it comes to extracurriculars, he also excels academically and we are stunned at how he balances both so perfectly. When he's not busy winning awards, he spends his time researching and engaging in discourse about psychology and philosophy; at the end of every conversation with him you'll probably end up with an overabundance of random tid-bits. Though it's easy to make your way into our Director General's good-books by casually bringing up Greek Mythology during a conversation with him, you might want to ensure you're always at the venue on time—unpunctuality being his biggest pet peeve.

All in all, he portrays utmost diligence in everything he contributes to and his achievements are a testament to that. It goes without saying that with Rashmil, the Olympiad promises two memorable days.

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Khudija Munawar

Director General

Presenting the Director General for our first edition of LACAS Olympiad: Khudija-with-a-u Munawar, a woman that requires no introduction. Although listing all her laurels in this write-up would end up fully obliterating the given word limit—or just the fact that Khudija has yet to learn how to react to compliments and would hate us for it—we'd never forgo this opportunity to gush about the one person that single-handedly puts the 'jack of all trades, master of none' idiom to shame. Be it mastering parliamentary debates and MUNs, effortlessly acing five subjects in her A-Level, managing the school newspaper, or the ability to make a pun out of anything, Khudija can truly do it all. Though our Director General may sometimes make for a frosty first impression, trust us when we say that she, in the words of Andrew Garfield, is like a shot of espresso. 

By virtue of our Head Girl's ability to find a solution to seemingly everything, her expertise in making even the most mundane tasks fun,and her tendency to turn everything she touches into gold, our first Olympiad is fully set to become a legacy.

(Pro-tip: if any delegate ever has trouble locating this absolute powerhouse, we'd recommend striking up a conversation about your pet cat, and she will materialise, quite literally, out of thin air.)

Muizz Khan

Sports Head

From the basketball court, to the volleyball nets and futsal after school, Muizz Khan can be seen all around, portraying his love for all the games. A Volleyball enthusiast with significant experience around various events, Muizz truly embodies the true spirit of sportsmanship. However, Muizz's talents don't just lie within the realm of sports: having been the Director for Avior and the Event Head for LCA 19, whilst winning around 20 gold and silver medals for sports, his achievements are testament to his multifaceted expertise. He assures us it is nothing to be intimidated by though, for he is one of the most approachable people on campus.


Yet, we all watch with horrified surprise as his extremely busy schedule does not hinder the consistency with which he maintains his straight A's. Perhaps, to him, it just requires the same amount of care and love he bestows on his Suzuki GSXR—and his hair.

As a man cautious about the kind of environment he creates for others, you'll find him leaving no stone unturned in his bid for decorum. This undying passion of his is evident in everything he does and we're almost sure there can be no better hands helping to make this event a success. 

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Habiba Rashid

Sports Head

If there's a stray cat at the venue, you'll probably find our Sports Head, Habiba Rashid, somewhere around that area too. Or the volleyball court, the game being one of her many recent obsessions—we've understandably lost count—ever since she learned how good of a setter she was. She probably has more talent in her one hand (pun intended) than we do in our entire body. When asked about her sporting history, she said and we quote, "I can play almost everything because I'm swag but basketball and volleyball are my favourite." 

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. It's also been reported (by herself) that she has never lost a game to our Event Head, Izma Sohail. (Maybe we can test this claim out during the event?)  However, please don't mistake her completely justified self-confidence for vanity and pride: as described by her best friends, she is actually just a cat mom with the biggest heart, an amazing mentor to all the juniors that ever wanted to learn basketball or volleyball especially, and always excited to do your makeup for you. 


Dedicated to making things easier for everyone and the perfect hype woman for her friends and their endeavours, Habiba is an incredibly important member of our CoreTeam.

Ahsan Kazmi

Sports Head

Considering his love for all kinds of sports, it's no surprise that Ahsan Kazmi made it as one of the three sports heads for the event. When we say "all kinds" we quite literally mean it, for one won't be able to name a sport the man hasn't won a medal in. A baseball enthusiast, Ahsan is in the national squad of Pakistan baseball whilst simultaneously maintaining a spot on the athletics team at a national level. However, his most momentous achievement is setting a Guinness World Record of playing baseball at the highest point in the world—7500ft in Skardu—with his team.

Centering his life around sports, one would often find Ahsan on campus from 7 A.M. to only God knows when, playing sports with his plethora of friends (no but seriously, he somehow knows everyone) or religiously playing football every Sunday. 


Sports apart, Ahsan is one of the most approachable people on campus, and is always there to lend an ear to one's problems. If you ever see a gathering of people in the middle of the courtyard, it's highly probable that you'll find our Sports Head in the middle (and if you're lucky enough, you might just get to hear a piece of gossip).


With Ahsan's athletic prowess and his spirited nature, we assure you that LACAS Olympiad will be one to remember.

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Yashfa Ahmed

Coordination General

Yashfa Ahmed, or more commonly known as 'Yomo', is the epitome of versatility and talent. From being the event head of LACAS Super League, participating in various well-known sports events, to being a table tennis and cricket enthusiast, Yashfa Ahmed is known as one of the most sports-inclined people on campus. Described as the clown of the group by virtue of her incredible sense of humor and being largely regarded as the 'life of the party' because of her sunshine personality, our Coordination General does it all impeccably. Apart from brightening her friends' lives with her witty humour, she is also known to be the sensible and rational one of the group (so you know who to reach out to if you need any sort of advice). A straight A's student and a person deeply inspired by the human psyche, becoming a psychiatrist is one of her life-long dreams. 

And if this hasn't yet convinced you that Yashfa is nothing short of a superhuman, she effortlessly manages to ace A Level Maths along with humanities, and is also known as a mystery and suspense TV show fanatic. 

With her colorful aura and her amazing work ethic, we are sure that she’ll perfectly handle the role of a Coordination General.

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