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Code Of Conduct

General Rules:


1. The event is open to students below the age of 20.


2. A limited number of teams will be allowed to register for each category on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, as mentioned in each respective category’s details.


3. In the case of any team’s failure to report at their given times, only a ten-minute wait will be tolerated, after which a walkover will be given to the opposing team. 


4. For each sport, the referee/umpire’s decision will be considered final.


5. A total of two warnings will be given to anyone who majorly violates the rules of the game or behaves inappropriately (disrespectful behavior, use of inappropriate language, etc.) on or off field. After that, the delegate will be disqualified and not allowed to play in any matches for the remainder of the event.


Charter of Discipline:


1. All participants and members of the management are responsible for their own behavior. To ensure a successful event, all participants must act in a manner respectful of the rights of others.


2. All venue facilities are to be treated with respect and care at all times. Use of these facilities is a privilege, and your behavior towards them directly impacts our ability to use them in the future.


3. Derogation from any of the following rules may result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by LACAS Olympiad's staff.


4. Rude, disrespectful, cruel or otherwise offensive behavior toward any delegate, staff member, or guest, in or outside of matches, will not be tolerated.


5. Harassment of any individual based on a person's race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, national origin, appearance or any other criteria is strictly 



6. Bullying, name-calling and any form of hazing are also prohibited.


7. Any act of vandalism, destruction of property, or misuse of a facility may be considered a crime and will be treated as such.


8. Consumption and/or possession of alcohol by anyone is strictly prohibited, as is possession/consumption of cigarettes and all drug-related substances by any individual. 


9. Weapons of any kind and items that could cause injury or damage to participants and/or

property is strictly prohibited. 


10. Activities that endanger the health/safety of yourself or others are prohibited.


11. Inappropriate and/or uninvited physical contact between any delegate, staff member or guest is not allowed. 


12. By registering for the event, delegates consent to the use of their pictures for marketing purposes; however, if certain delegates are uncomfortable with this, they may inform the LACAS Olympiad Executive Council prior to the event.


13. The LACAS Olympiad Team holds the right to publish anything said and done during the category rounds in the Newsletter.


The contravention of the aforementioned rules may induce immediate expulsion from all LACAS Olympiad activities and categories, payment for damages incurred, notification of parents/legal guardians/ institutions if applicable and contacting law enforcement if necessary.


The Event Head of LACAS Olympiad or her designee has the authority to interpret these rules and apply any disciplinary action she deems appropriate to uphold the integrity of the event.


Please note that Federal and Provincial laws/rules apply to all LACAS Olympiad delegates, staff and guests at all times.


Delegates must strictly adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures in light of COVID-19 and physically be present where they should be as per the event schedules.

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